SOE “Mariupol ICC” plans to develop cooperation with Metinvest Group

SOE “Mariupol sea trading port” is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with all companies, cargo owners, and continues to develop relations with its strategic partner – Metinvest Group. It is reported by the press center of MCS.

“In June 2016 ends with the agreement on joint activities with the company “Metinvest Shipping” on the handling of metal production of Metinvest Group NR10 on the quay, which is scheduled for reconstruction. However, we continue our strategic partnership, on the contrary, it will only develop using other berths port “, – said the director of the Mariupol ICC Alexander Oleinik.

Mariupol metallurgical enterprises now provide the basic load transhipment facilities MITI export the metal. And in May of this year, 4 Handysize class vessels carry iron ore shipping port for the needs of metallurgists, that provides additional cargo port.

As part of the railway Volnovakha – South Donbass – Elenovka on which to Mariupol port to deliver goods from the north to the area, has been destroyed, MCS completely lost cargo flows of coal and clay, as well as loads for “Donetsksteel”, Alchevsk, Yenakiyevo and Makeyevka metallurgical enterprises. Currently, the port is working with the cargo base only local steel mills, which are part of Metinvest Group.

Source: “The transport business”